Pay for 10 Months and Get 2 Months Free
$39.99 /mo
$79.99 /mo
$139.99 /mo
Features Standard
+ $39.99/mo
+ $79.99/mo
+ $139.99/mo
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Unlimited Products
Unlimited orders / month
Usage Limit 2 GB for Customer Images 5 GB for Customer Images Unlimited
Brush Your Ideas Support Limited Support Standard Support Premium Support
Responsive Product Designer
Personalized Clipart/Text
Social Media Sharing Support
Multiple Image Sides Configurations
Live Price Generation
User Proof Download
Object Alignment Support
Save Designs
Personalized Image Upload
Preloaded Fonts Gallery
Print Color Management
Canvas Zoom-in / Zoom-out
Select All and Clear All Elements from the Canvas
Layout Flexibility
Autoload Masking on Products
Canvas to SVG Support
Name and Numbers
SVG Support
10000+ Cliparts
Multiple Design Areas
Custom Design Templates
Object Layer Management
Design Tool Theme Management
Quote Management
Design Background Management
Crop Objects
Social Media Images Import
Customizable Clipart (Image Editing)
Brush Tool
Manage Printing Methods
px to cm Converter
Object Grouping
Import / Export Templates
Points to Note
  • Brush Your Ideas web-to-print SaaS software license is for single domain and/or single website. If you require to use our services for multi-domain and/or multi-website license, get in touch with us for custom quote.
  • Our Shopify product designer tool requires custom installation. In order to integrate our tool to your ecommerce platform, get in touch with one of our product expert. Our team of analysts will guide you with installation and activation of custom product designing attributes. Based on the backend settings, the products marked as available for customization syncs automatically. However, the timeline for the same depends on the total catalogue size. We also offer Paid Support (where required) for end-to-end integration of the product designer tool.
Flow of Implementation
  • Share your credentials
    Once you have completed the Product Purchase, you would require to share your Shopify Store Admin credentials.
  • Product Installation
    Brush Your Ideas support team will install the Shopify Product Design Tool on your Shopify store for the Shopify credentials shared by you.
  • Product Setup
    We will setup a demo configurable product for your store with all the required configurations. This will guide you further on how to add other products as well.
  • Product Training
    Once the demo product setup is completed, we will arrange a training call for explaining the ins and outs of the product. We will explain you the whole system and its workflow in our training.
  • Go live
    Once all the setup process is completed, you are good to go for selling with your store online store.
Support Scope
Please note there is a different level of support for each of the version you purchase.
  • Standard Version: In this version, we will support all your queries by email only.
  • Pro Version: In this version, we will support all your queries by email with maximum response time of 48 working hours.
  • Ultimate Version: In this version, we will support all your queries by email, chat and calls with response time of next working day.
  • Release Note
  • FAQ
Version: 1.0.0 : December 11, 2018
  • Shopify Product Design Tool is Released.


Do you provide live demo (on Skype)?

Yes, you can get a personal live demo in your time zone by our experts. Click here for a free guided demo.

Can I use single design tool product for the personalization of any range of products I offer on my web store?

Yes. The Web-to-print software will work for any range of simple and configurable products. You just need to enable the tool for each product.

May I transfer the license to another domain after I purchase it?

Yes. We charge a nominal transfer fee.

What if I get an error message after the installation of Web-to-print - Extension Or 404 Error Page not found, after installing extension?

No need to worry. Just log out of your admin panel and login in again. If this does not help, shoot an email to We are here to help.

Can I have a free trial of your product?

As per our company policy we don’t provide any product on trial basis. You will have to check out the product with full payment.

Design Tool Pricing

Is the upgrade chargeable?

Web-to-print - Magento Extensions & Web-to-print - Storefront includes 12 months of upgrade period and 6 months of support period. After its expiration, it will be chargeable.

How do you charge for customizations?

Our technical team reviews your change request, provides the estimate and you are charged based on those estimates.

Do you offer SaaS based solution?

Yes, we do offer SaaS based solution for the Web-to-print - Store.

Can I migrate from SaaS based solution to one-time payment plan?

Yes, definitely. You can even migrate from one-time payment plan to SaaS based solution.

What is the dpi of design output?

The dpi of design output is 300.

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